The ABCs of Law School

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Published by: Stafford House
Release Date: May 1, 2019
Pages: 360
ISBN13: 978-0998107073


The ABCs of Law School: Diary of a First Year Student is the newest book by bestselling, award-winning author, Teresa Power, J.D. It offers exclusive access into the inner workings of law school, as told by an actual student.

By using the ABCs to de-mystify law school, you’ll feel calm, confident and ready to conquer your studies. “A” covers the law school application and admission process, “B” goes behind-the-scenes of your first year, and “C” offers invaluable class outlines and other survival skills, including how to use yoga for stress reduction.

This easy to read guidebook provides a concise overview of the major core topics covered, as well as strategies on how to prepare for class, study for exams, and manage stress. Perfect for anyone considering, starting, or in law school!

A must-have reference, The ABCs of Law School: Diary of a First-Year Student is your secret weapon to getting the edge over your classmates and getting the most out of law school.


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Praise, Testimonials, & Awards

"The ABCs of Law School is an essential read for any person thinking about going to law school, or desiring to be prepared to excel in law school once he or she gets there. Teresa Power does an outstanding job capturing the important basics of the first-year law school experience, and communicating them in a very clear and engaging way. You will be very pleased that you read this superb law school primer, and feel that you have a "leg up" as you embark on a very challenging but rewarding adventure."
-Barry P. McDonald, Straus Research Professor of Law, Pepperdine University School of Law

"I had always assumed that applying to law school would be largely similar to the university application process I had successfully navigated nearly four years ago, but as I begin to consider where I might apply, what I’ll need to assemble for a competitive application, and whether or not I even wish to attend law school at all, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of mostly useless information out there. Articles online are either not relevant or too specific, and limited workshops fail to be broad enough in scope to address my needs; Teresa Power’s The ABCs of Law School is the only resource I’ve found that provides a truly comprehensive picture of law school, carefully detailing everything from the application process to essential study habits and the first year’s course material. Thanks to Teresa’s book, I’m now equipped with a basic understanding of torts, civil procedure, legal research, and how vital my personal health is to my academic success—to say that this book gives me a competitive advantage would be an understatement at best, and, at worst, a monumental overlooking of Teresa’s sharp prose, deft organization, and years of honest experience. Whether you are merely considering law school, currently working on applications, or already in your first year, there is no better resource for prospective law students than Teresa Power’s The ABCs of Law School. If I make it through these next three years, I'll know exactly who to thank."
-Kenneth Schrupp, University of California, San Diego, Class of 2020

"Genuinely honest and insightful, Teresa Power’s The ABCs of Law School is a must read for anyone navigating the murky waters of 1L. Move aside daunting treatises and classroom intimidation, the ABCs straightforward approach to breaking down the law through detailed outlines will make your 1L experience a breeze and classmates enviable!"

-Taylor Magnuson, 2L at UC Berkeley School of Law"Exceptionally well written, impressively informative, extraordinarily well organized and presented, The ABCs of Law School: Diary of a First Year Student is unreservedly recommended for community, college, and university library collections. The ideal introduction and explanation of what attending law school encompasses and a 'must read' for anyone contemplating applying for law school, it should be noted for the personal reading lists of students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject that The ABCs of Law School is also available in a digital book format." - Midwest Book Review


Ever since I was young, I dreamed of being an attorney, helping others solve their problems and making a difference in the world. But, dreaming of being a lawyer and becoming one are two very different things. I wish that I’d had a guide like this when I cluelessly embarked on my legal adventure.

Fast forward past law school, to real life. After practicing law for several years in the areas of Real Estate and Personal Injury/Insurance Defense, I decided to press pause on my law career and become a stay at home mom. I was at a crossroads on my life journey. I wanted to be with my two young children; yet I still yearned to make a difference in the world and help bright students find their place in the legal profession. I’ve always loved writing and teaching, so becoming an author was a natural progression.

During my legal journey, I started taking yoga classes to help me unwind from the stress of law school and, eventually, from the practice of law itself. Yoga helped me to relax, focus and concentrate, as well as to sort through my priorities.

After my children were older, I became a yoga teacher, and eventually an author and publisher of children’s yoga books, leaving this project on the back burner. Recently, I unearthed the manuscript for what would become “The ABCs of Law School” and was struck by its value; so, I decided to once again take a leap of faith and change my life direction.

My aspiration is to open your mind to the inner-workings of what the law is all about and help you not only survive, but thrive.


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