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Teresa Power’s books have sold over 270,000 copies worldwide. In her roles as a J.D., keynote speaker, bestselling author, and yoga expert, her mission is to share strategies, tips, and tricks that help students, parents, and educators enrich their lives and manage stress.


About The ABCs of Law School: Diary of a First Year Student

Teresa Power’s first year of law school was not at all what she expected.  But with hard work, she cracked the code and learned to study smarter, manage stress, and excel. In this diary, she shares her special strategies to not only survive, but thrive.


The ABCs of Law School

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Teresa’s bestselling yoga books for kids!


Teresa as a speaker

Attendees at Teresa’s events walk away feeling more confident, less stressed, better prepared, and armed with secret tips and tricks to get the most out of law school.

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Everyone knows that studying smarter is the key to law school success, but not everyone knows how.  Download our exclusive ABCs of Law School class outlines, case brief, and IRAC template and hit the ground running.